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Yash Kedia

I am glad you discovered my page. I am just an ordinary person with a passion for helping people to enjoy lives and lift the depressed. My name is Yash Kedia. I am also a financial and tax advisor.

You know that human beings are constantly at war against each other. What if we are at war against our own minds?

Before you find yourself at the mercy of an impending apocalypse, your life will become one. Life is an uncharted land wherein you will find the treasure only if you seek it. 

Many questions in life remain unanswered. Though Science wields gargantuan power, it contradicts its own research as humans keep evolving. 

You are not here on my page for a spiritual journey but a mental one as we explore more about life and perspectives.

A few years ago, it was this sense of bewildering perplexity of life that ignited my spirits to become a visionary. I still consider myself a fool for now knowing everything. Through my writings and videos, I embark on a journey to make my world happier and safer.

I also provide content writing services to enrich your content. 
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Happy reading!

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