How to live in the present moment? The Power of Now (First Part)



How to live in the present moment? The Power of Now

"We make the great mistake of identifying with our mind, thinking that's who we are when, in fact, we are far greater beings."

                                        - Eckhart Tolle

This article is exclusively based on the book "The Power of Now- A guide to spiritual enlightenment" by Eckhart Tolle, as well as, on my own understanding of the text.

Earlier, I had already laid down some principles to stay happy and worry-free. However, that was only from a logical standpoint as perceived by me. Talk to a yogi or any other spiritual leader. He may tell you a different strategy- a strategy relevant from a spiritual perspective. 

However, the following questions remain. 

Is the spiritual strategy the most effective one? 

Or is the strategy difficult to implement? 

Or does one need to get enlightened to remain happy?

Or is the strategy really spiritual?

Who am I?

What is life?

How to live in the present moment?

Before answering these questions, let me ask you to keep your mind receptive, and be ready to unlearn and learn. If you do not believe anything I say, you can try it out for yourself. There is no loss in trying out new things!

What is the strategy for remaining happy?

Eckhart Tolle stresses living in the present moment. We know this strategy already! But, do we implement it? 

The best part about this book is, that it does not merely stress what we are already aware of. It explains and elaborates the concept of the present. 

He says that we are not our minds. 

"I cannot live with myself any longer."

Does it mean you are 2 people in 1? You are trying to live with someone-you!

The strategy is to watch the thinker. Who is the thinker? It is your thinking mind. If you can watch the thinker, it does indicate that there is someone known as the watcher. Is it your soul? 

What is the difference between you and a mad man?

A mad man speaks out loud. You speak in your mind. This is the only difference. You need to be aware of the voices in your head. 

Try it out. Sit down somewhere and observe your thoughts wandering. Do it non-judgementally. This is the sense of your own presence. How can this sense arise from a thought? Eckhart says that this strange realization of "I am not my mind", arises from beyond the mind.

Pay attention to the present moment

Pay attention to each and everything happening around you. This is what even Sherlock Holmes does! Observe the flow of your breath. Observe the emotions in you. Every time you walk up and down the stairs, pay close attention to each and every step. 

How can you be present if you are your mind?

While you ponder on these questions, I will be soon publishing a part 2 of this article, "How to live in the present moment".

Till then, 

Observe your mind...

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