What does Sadhguru say about Death? Why should you care?



What does Sadhguru say about Death? Why should you care?

The word Death, of course, brings a chill down your spine. For most households, it is dangerous to even utter the word. Does death actually mean that you cease to exist? Or, there is something more to it than the literal meaning of this inauspicious word?

If you do not know who Sadhguru is, you are probably not aware of mysticism. Mystics are also referred to as yogis. Yes, they can sit naked amid the chilly atmosphere of the Himalayas! The yogic definition of death is a lot different than what medical science proposes. Whatever the meaning of death might be, the ultimate truth is that we all die.

Undoubtedly, Sadhguru's book on death has become a New York Times bestseller. If an Indian yogi's book could become a bestseller in America, surely, there must be a strong reason. I am pretty sure that you have a lot of questions about death. Of course, we do fear death. The question is, should we?

Is Death a misery?

Death is not a misery unless we make it one. It is humorous or even hilarious to mention that all our problems come to an end when we die! To be brief, it only matters how peacefully you die. Having said this, it is easy to assume that if someone is shot dead, it is one of the most horrible ways to die. That is not a peaceful death, isn't it? 

Sadhguru has offered us a great analogy of when death can become misery. Suppose, I lend you a good amount of money for establishing your business. After many years, one day, I call you up and inform you about my visit to your place. What emotional state would you be in? Anxious or happy?

If you had established your business the way you wanted to, or in other words, you have made the best use of the loan, you will be ecstatic to meet me. If, on the other hand, you are still suffering in your business, failing to make judicious use of the loan amount, you will be anxious. You might seep into depression!

Isn't our body a loan from nature to be repaid?

Death and memory

According to yogic science, we have different dimensions of memory. Our body is nothing but a heap of memory. Do not confuse memory here with your past. It is much more than that. Let me offer you a nice analogy. 

Something tastes good. Your tongue wants that. It just wants that. It will seek that taste. How does your tongue know what food tastes good? Again, there is sufficient scientific evidence to show that your DNA is a storehouse of ancestral memory. In that case, we are bound to rethink our identities as human beings.

Your body always takes a particular shape. It is not in the shape of any other animal. Looking at a homo sapiens, you cannot call him a monkey! This is called evolutionary memory. There are eight types of memory- Elemental, Evolutionary, Atomic, Genetic, Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Karmic memory.

I will get into details about different memories at some other time. For now, the most fundamental aspect of death is, all these memories are destroyed with your body except the Karmic memory. It is only due to the Karmic memory that rebirth can occur. If the Karmic memory vanishes, this is what you can refer to as Nirvana or Moksha- meaning you are dissolved. This is why you become a yogi. Life ends only when your life gets dissolved. 

The dissolution of life is the ultimate aim. 

Do you live after Death?

Death does not happen in an instant. We declare someone as dead. We do not call someone dead. When a person fails to respond in the physical dimension, the person is declared dead. He has lost all consciousness about life. However, if a person drops dead, it does not mean that his body has stopped all its functions. The cell is still breathing for a while.

According to the mystic, Sadhguru, there are several Vayus that constitute our bodies. One Vayu maintains your respiratory functions, another maintains your buoyancy. Other Vayus are responsible for your body temperature, preservation, excretion (including cellular level), etc. When you die, these Vayus exit your body one by one. This is the reason why,

Yogic bodies do not decay even after days.

Hair and nails still grow after death.

Some people can still be revived.

A mild twitching in the dead body is noticeable after death.

Tantriks love a freshly dead body.

Bruce Lee could fly a person away

Martial artists or some athletes jump at incredible heights

Yogis can sit naked on the Himalayas with ease.

Jesus Christ or Gautam Buddha or Sai Baba could heal a person.

The geometry of Pyramids helps preserve mummies.

There are a lot many more interesting facts and discussions on Vayus that we could take up for later. Your bodily functions are still on for some time after you are declared dead. Whether ghosts exist or not, that is a different topic. Right now, you are living in a body. After death, you get disembodied!

Why should you care about Death?

Death is a misconception. Even while, you are reading my blog, you are both living and dying at the same time. Just like darkness co-exists with light, death co-exists with life. Your life starts with inhalation and ends with exhalation. Are you not inhaling and exhaling now?

There is a beautiful verse in Sanskrit that says,

"Jananam Sukhadam Maranam Karunam"

which translates to Life is a joy, but death is compassion. If you want to experiment, do not exhale your breath for a moment. You will feel suffocated. While exhaling, you feel relaxed. This is popularly known as a sigh. 

Does it mean that you are better dead? Absolutely not! It means death is not a bad thing unless you have not lived your life. Remember that you are happy to repay the money only when you have used that money in the best manner possible. 

Do you ever feel that something is powering up your hardware and software, namely your body and your thoughts (mind)? Ask yourself this question. 

If you live your life fearing death, you will fear life. Life and death go hand-in-hand. It is up to you if you want to spend your life in depression or happiness

Death signifies the mortal nature of your physical dimension. It is a very commonplace occurrence that people start enjoying lives when they are nearing death! The soldiers who fought during the World War are more eager to discuss those few minutes of near-death experiences than the whole remaining life!

More articles on such bizarre topics will keep coming up on my blog. Till then, you are only advised to contemplate.

Be inspired.

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