Who are millennials generation? Generation of depressed narcissists!

Who are millennials generation? Generation of depressed narcissists!

Who are the millennials generation?

If you think the millennials generation is a generation of teenagers, you may be partially correct. If this generation thing sounds strange to you, keep reading!

Those who were born after the second world war ended are called baby boomers. Funny name, eh? Those born between 1946 and 1964 were designated as baby boomers. There are a lot of reasons for naming such. One reason is the end of the war, which made families feel safer to have babies. The soldiers had returned home to be with their wives, and thus the babies boomed!

The next generation was designated, Generation X. Any person born between 1965 to 1980 will fall into this generation. And then there emerged Generation Y after 1980. Don't call yourself Generation Y. Call yourself a millennial!

Who are the millennials generation? Probably you!

Are you a narcissist?

Who are millennials generation? Generation of depressed narcissists!

Pic credit: TIME magazine

The TIME magazine had insulted our generation. However, statistics do not lie. The people in their 20s suffer from narcissistic disorder more than anyone else. Oh yes, you would be wondering who a narcissist is!

Narcissus was a character in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection on a pool of water. He was so much in love that he could not live without him! 

The question is, are you another Narcissus? Probably yes. You start loving yourself when you get more than a dozen likes on Instagram or Facebook. The millennials are obsessed with fame. 

Seems like TIME magazine was not wrong here. Maybe we are a bunch of lazy craps. 

Why are most of the millennials narcissists? Why are most of us depressed? What you are about to read will blow away your mind.  

It is not your fault.

The baby boomers were born just after the most horrible wars ended. They were brought up with a mentality that nothing is free. During the wars, the silent generation had to work day and night to make two ends meet. In other words, money earned was proportional to work done.

This is what baby boomers learned from the silent generation. If you want to earn well, work for it. This was passed on to Generation X. However, baby boomers despised Generation X, for there was a change in their ideologies. X believed more in work-life balance. 

After the 1964 period, economies were booming. People were getting richer. The X adopted a can-do attitude. They preached that we possess incredible power to achieve anything we put our eyes on. Neither the baby boomers nor X was told that they were unique and special except the millennials.

As millennials, we grew up in an environment of instant gratification. Previous generations had to wait for years to manifest what they dreamt of achieving. Everything required patience. Everything still requires patience. The difference is, we have become impatient.

There is a reason for it. We grew up in the world of the Internet. We grew up in an environment where we are always pampered and regarded as special babies. We have embraced technology the wrong way!

It is not your fault. We were never taught to use technology the right way. We fall victim to the lies of marketing campaigns and media.

Remember, you got a consolation prize for coming in the last place. You also get a participation certificate! It actually didn't matter whether you were a loser or a winner. You were rewarded in some or other way. 

The point is you got the reward even when you didn't deserve it. Over 40 percent of the millennials believe that they should be promoted every 2 years, regardless of their performance. This is ironic but true. 

Gone are the days when being a celebrity was just a by-product. It has become an ambition for more than half the millennials today. You can understand why talent has deteriorated over the years.

Why are millennials the most depressed generation ever?

The moment millennials exit high school, they enter into a world of brutality. You were always told that you were special boys and girls. Now you are told that you are not. This breaks your heart. You fall into depression.

Nowadays, relationships are built not on patience and trust, but on the direction of your swipe. Thanks to Tinder! 

You are always glued to little dopamine devices, no matter what. Dopamine in your brain is released at the press of a button. You are just like the experimental rat who pressed a lever again and again, which it thought released dopamine. The rat was eager to press the lever even when it was given an electric shock when it hit the lever. I will explain more of it when I write a blog on dopamine.

Relationships and Job fulfillment require patience. The millennials are very eager to create an impact in the world without patience! We fail in these two vital aspects. We become depressed.

Our parents and grandparents had to have deep, meaningful conversations to strengthen bonds in any relationship. They had no such dopamine devices. We have fake reality shows, which we enjoy watching instead of spending some time making love to your soulmate.

Now you do understand why suicides rates are so high.

According to WHO, suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds. We lose someone from suicide every 40 seconds. There is more death from suicides than from wars and homicide combined together. This is, of course, heartbreaking.

Can we change ourselves?

Even when we are narcissists, we are the kindest generation. We have a lot of good intentions and always believe in creating an impact. Instead of being glued to our devices, we can focus more on creating a real change. For that, we have to come out of your narcissist, self-obsessed shells.

Instead of taking selfies, we can work towards our goals. Instead of seeking approval through likes on Instagram, we can spend time in building healthy relationships. For that, we need to improve our social skills. That takes patience.

You have a natural tendency to break the egg for the chick to come out. It is not your fault. You are brought up that way. You have to wait for the egg to hatch. The egg will break itself.

We are the smartest generation. We can correct our follies. It is not about Me. It is about Us. 

Be inspired.

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