A few life lessons I learned till now- Learn now before its late!

A few life lessons I learned till now

A few life lessons I learned till now

Wow! Life has been a roller coaster ride! I am turning 23 this September. However young I might be, I have a lot to share with you. 

It hurts when beautiful souls get hurt. There is an African term called Ubuntu. It translates to "I am because we are." This is such a beautiful line that dictates how we should live our lives. I believe in Ubuntu and thus would love to share with you the life lessons I learned till now. Sharing tips is caring!

Life lessons learned- Don't try to model your life on other's expectations.

Now, this line might seem paradoxical. This line is the biggest reason for the regrets of dying people in a hospital.

Ask a dying man, and he will reflect that he was a coward to have lived a life in a way others expected. The problem is you will subconsciously eat a meal that others prepare for you. You love social approval!

I am glad I realized it a few years before. Each and every human being on the planet is unique.

It is not your name that is uncommon. It is your heart and soul.

You can design your own life. Man is a social animal, of course. Even when men lived in tribes, they had to follow several rules and regulations to be a part of it, no matter the cost they had to bear. 

This is what we tend to do. We still feel that there is a risk to us if we do not live by standards society has set for us. This is where we lack courage.

Have the courage to get banished from your circle of friends or relatives. They will live an unimportant life.

Life lessons learned-Comparison is a thief of joy.

Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, knew how comparison could kill happiness. The line is evident enough of why you usually get into depression.

This is one of the best life lessons I learned. You see, there are a lot of people better than you. There are more than 7 billion people on the planet, and if you start comparing yourself to each and everyone, you will jump off from a rooftop. 

When should you compare yourself and when you should not?

The trick lies herein. When you are a dancer and want to win a dance competition, you ought to compete with other dancers. You ought to be better than your competitors. Again, there will always be some aspects where your competitor will lack. You may be hip-hop, but he may be contemporary. 

You should not compare yourself when there is no reason to. This might sound pretty obvious, but it is not. It is easy to get depressed when you see someone winning and you losing. Let us talk about careers.

When you pass out of high school, your friends can get better opportunities to enhance their careers. They may break records or may start earning. While you may be at your home eating popcorn!

This is not to be taken seriously. If you are doing something thinking about the long-term, you may win the battle. Let me give you an example of Gary Vee. He is one of the most charismatic billionaire CEOs you will ever see. Age is just a number. He definitely made a hell of himself in his 20s but outshone others in the long-term.

You see, this is what I am talking about!

If you have a vision, age does not matter. A comparison of yourself will never solve any problems. You have your own life to create. Back to the first lesson!

Life lessons learned-Your communication skill matters!

I realized, communication skill is the biggest asset you can have. It can make or break relationships. 

Every sphere of your life is governed by how you communicate. People indeed remember you by your acts. In my opinion, people remember you by your communication skill too. In any relationship, you can be bitter or sweet. It depends on how you spit out words.

In no way do I mean to manipulate. Manipulation is evil. Salesmanship is not manipulation unless you know you are selling a bad thing. You do not need to lie to become a good communicator. 

Let me give you an example. Your mom or your wife cooks some delicacy exclusively for you. To your surprise, you find that the taste had gone awry. There is something wrong with it! How do you communicate this?

Instead of spitting out,

"Mom/honey, I don't like this."


"Mom/honey, this is awesome. But, I think the salt might be missing, which would have made it taste even better!"

Which line will make your mom or your wife happy. The first one or the second one?

Your tone, pitch, word-placements determine how good a communicator you are. Steve Jobs was one of the best communicators of all time.  

Newton's law says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Also, every word has an equal and opposite reaction. Think before you speak.

Life lessons learned-Be a reader

Leaders are readers. I really hated reading anything other than academic books. Whenever I tried to read a storybook, I just couldn't. Some of my classmates used to finish off a fat book in a day or so. I only had self-sabotaging feelings about myself that I can never read a book, or at least I didn't want to.

It is a shame to admit, I never knew self-help books like "The Alchemist" existed. Once I came to know that there are motivational books, I started reading. I lacked the patience to complete a book. Finally, I was done with my first book, "The Alchemist" by Paul Coelho.


Spellbound, my thirst for wisdom increased day by day. I am an avid reader now. Believe me, I have changed my life.

It is tough to start reading. But once you do it, you will be motivated to do more, provided the subject interests you. Storybooks still do not interest me as much as a motivational one. However, I do love autobiographies. 

My writings are a reflection of what I have learned in my life up till now. I have many more to share with you. Stay tuned!

If you enjoyed reading, do not mind sharing with me what your life lessons learned. 

Last but not least, remember that no experience is wasted!

Be inspired.

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