How to increase self motivation? Powerful and easy ways to increase your motivation

How to increase self-motivation?

Your failures and your guilts have devastated you. You were treasure-hunting and now you are shipwrecked. You are in the middle of nowhere! You start to feel that your life is garbage in the "Use me" trash bin. 

This blog will give you the required adrenaline rush and increase your self-motivation markedly. Instead of squandering away your valuable time, spend a few minutes reading the entire blog, and make your life entertaining and meaningful.

How to Increase Self-motivation: Importance of loving self 

Powerful Ways to Increase Self-Motivation

As I began to love myself  I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth.

These words from Charlie Chaplin can move any depressed person in the world. What is the role of self-love in the enhancement of self-motivation? How do I self-love

Out of the Powerful Ways to increase Self-motivation, I will highlight self-love as the best way. Many people including you, may confuse self-love with being over-confident or egoistic. You are reading the article right now because you need self-motivation. I can feel your lack of self-love. 

Yes, there are times when you get really upset with yourself on looking back at your past. Be it in a relationship or in a career, we all lose motivation because we fail to see through our own beauty. You are born for a reason. Identify that reason and work towards that purpose. 

Life will gift you in its own ways that you cannot even imagine. However, do not overlove yourself. Instead of helping you climb the ladder, it will break the ladder itself. Be ready to learn from your mistakes.

How to Increase Self-motivation: Learn to read motivational books

Powerful Ways to Increase Self-Motivation

Half of my own problems vanished when I started reading motivational books. Of course, you can use the booming digitization to your advantage. 

You have the benefit of various social media platforms through which your idols can speak to you and motivate you to stand up. Congratulations! you are now making terrific use of the internet by reading my blog!

Why should you read motivational books?

Even when there are a lot of motivational sources available on digital media, you must resort to reading self-help or motivational books. Napolean Hill or Dale Carnegie was of course not a blogger! 

Only through books can you get detailed whys and hows of each and everything they speak. It is fairly simple to state, "Do not give up". But is it enough to motivate you? These books will communicate with your heart and calm your restless mind!

How to Increase Self-motivation: Don't fall prey to the Comparison thief!

Powerful Ways to Increase Self-Motivation

Do I even need to ask you the number of times you have been compared with the others around you? This gets worse when the people making superficial comparisons, are your dear parents. 

In times like these, it gets difficult to keep your motivation intact. What you do need to comprehend is the fact that each one of us on this planet is unique. No two people in this world can have the same set of experiences. Can anybody argue with me on this? 

If your friend is good at mathematics, you may be great in poetry. This does not in any way make you of lesser value, my friend. If Rabindranath Tagore was forced to be a mathematician and S. Ramanujan a poet, their true beauty would never have been revealed. They knew their purpose of lives very well and lived up to them.

Stand for your purpose no matter what. You will stop comparing yourself to others, even in your incessantly chattering mind.


You can start using these powerful ways to increase self-motivation mentioned here from today itself. 

Your self-motivation must be strong enough to pick you up even after a heavyweight knockout punch. If you enjoyed reading this article, why not share some love for it?

Be inspired.

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