How to become mentally strong- Your life will not be the same!

How to become mentally strong

 How to become mentally strong

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

    - Thomas Jefferson

Life is not a bed of roses. Some refer to it as a punishment or a curse. However, we ought to remember that life is what we make out of it. 

'How to become mentally strong' is not an easy question to answer. 

Life is more complicated than you think. Do you want to know how many people die from suicide every year? One death from suicide every 40 seconds is evident enough of doomsday wrecking havoc in your mind. 

Now you can understand how important it is for you to become mentally strong. 

How to become mentally strong- solutions to living a happy life

I have already written several blogs on how to overcome depression and anxiety. You can check one out from here.

This blog on 'How to become mentally strong' will equip you with the techniques and new perspectives to change your mindset for the better. 

1. Your life has not yet come to an end

This statement might sound ludicrous to you. However, the gloomiest people on earth will get it at once. Common sense gets clouded by your negative beliefs and thought patterns. You already know that you are still living. Does this line make you happy? If not, then keep reading!

You still have the juice left in you. You can live your life the way you want. Opportunities are not yet dead. They will knock on your door. The best part of life is that you are still living. 

Turbulences in life are temporary. Your beliefs towards those storms are inherent. However, there is always a way to change the belief patterns. Changing your belief patterns will change your perspectives. 

Your perspectives will make you happy.

2. Change your beliefs

A baby is not born good or evil. It is the belief pattern installed in you that gets you into more trouble than you ever expect! If a murderer or a psychopath is hardwired to believe that killing will solve your problems, then it is. 

How to become mentally strong by changing your beliefs?

Whenever a terrible incident occurs in your life, you jump up to scream at yourself. You call yourself unlucky. You are always made to believe that others are luckier than you. 

Others might be luckier than you but not in all places. This is to say that I can be as happy as Albert Einstein without discovering the theory of relativity! Change your belief towards luck.

In school, you are taught not to make mistakes. You believe making mistakes is terrible. This is another belief that is hardwired into you. You blame yourself consistently for the mistakes you commit. Often, you blame yourself for the faults you didn't even commit! 

To change your belief patterns, you need to get aware of yourself. You need to be aware of what you are thinking at the moment. Flood your mind with whys of what you think and do. You need to get over the conventional belief system, get open-minded, and have a learning attitude. At least, this is what I have done to change my beliefs and become mentally strong.

3. Get clear about your vision of life

Don't get me wrong! I am not talking about your every day goals and to-do lists. I am talking about your vision.

What is your life's vision?

I believe we all are born for a reason. Even if there is no reason, we must find a reason to live. Mother Teresa knew hers. Steve Jobs knew his. Nearly every influential person on the planet knows his vision. 

A life vision is something bigger than yourself. It is your sole purpose. When you are clear about your life ahead, you become mentally strong. You might be wondering how?

Whenever an occurrence disrupts your life, you can turn to your vision. You can strive harder. You already know why you were born. Batman from DC comics is fictional, but he is a terrific example of living up to his vision. Yeah, I am still a superhero fan teen!

You become mentally strong by focusing on the road of life ahead. 

4. Your heart becomes powerful

Masterpieces are created by hearts. Nearly every masterpiece is a work of art. It has some underlying emotion in it that makes the art powerful. World records are broken, and impossible feats are achieved by humans every day. 

Nope, they are not ordinary humans. They believe in the resurrection. They become unstoppable. 

When you are in love, you do seemingly impossible things for your partner. Your life gets vibrant, and you release new energy that is possible only in love. If you are in love, it will resonate!

However, when you are hurt, you feel intense pain in your heart. You get unstable. You have an atom bomb inside you. 

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form one form to the other just like water changes into ice and vice versa. You can either get destructive or creative. It depends on how you can channelize it. You either become an Anne Frank or a Hitler. You either become a Charlie Chaplin or serial killer. 

You become mentally strong when you channelize your energy in a way that makes you who you are. 

5. Feed your mind with good food

This is indeed a great answer to the question, 'How to become mentally strong'. What is good food for your mind?

I am not talking about iron or any mineral to enhance your brain functions. You either feed your brain with negativity or positivity. The most astonishing part is that your mind does not distinguish between right or wrong. It just hands over what you ask!

If you fear too much about your path ahead, your brain will make you work in such ways to justify your statement. If you think something evil is going to happen, it will happen soon. This is nothing supernatural. Your brain knows how to handle you. Ironic, isn't it?

You don't become mentally strong by using social media all day. You can only look at the lives of other people and regret over your own. Feed your brain with positive thoughts and truths. There are a lot of videos and articles and books to feed you with positivity. Yet, you pick up trash!

Though these solutions to 'How to become mentally strong' sound obvious, it is not so. You need to get reminded consistently of whatever disastrous you are doing. Be a spartan. 

How to become mentally strong

Be inspired.

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