How to overcome depression and anxiety? Yes it is possible!

How to overcome depression and anxiety?

How to overcome depression and anxiety

Yes, it is possible!

"Joy is a natural phenomenon. Misery is your creation."

- Sadhguru

This article on 'How to overcome depression and anxiety' is not only for the unhappy, gloomy people but also for those who are jovial.

At some point in our lives, we all become hardcore pessimists. At times our dawn transcends into dusk. We become depressed.

Especially during times when coronavirus is hitting us hard, it becomes tough to hold ourselves. You are reading this blog now because you are in pain.

Whether you are single or mingle, this article will help you to be happy with yourself, no matter who you are or where you have come from.

Happiness comes easily the moment you change your perspectives. Being mentally strong and fearless is highly correlated with being happy. When you become tough to take down, you can enjoy yourself without any fear of insecurity or isolation. 

Can you be happy 24/7?

How to overcome depression and anxiety?

Unfortunately, you cannot! Here we will talk about facts and not cooked up theories. Happiness is not the only human emotion that exists. A recent study says that there are actually 27 human emotions. You can click here if you want to know more about the research.

However, it does not matter how many emotions exist in numbers. It only matters that happiness is not the only emotion you will experience. Now you know how silly it is to expect to be happy 24/7!

Then what is the article about?

The article 'How to overcome depression and anxiety' is about how to keep yourself happy most of the time. How to be happy and positive at times of trauma, is the real question. 

I have already delved into some strong points on 'easy ways to be happy with yourself'. If you have not yet read that, give it a read. Click here.

Let us talk about overcoming depression and anxiety with sufficient practicality.

How can you talk about being happy without talking about your self-worth? Yes, of course, there are hundreds and thousands of articles and videos that will teach you how to realize your own worth. However, I have sufficient doubts if they ever help in the long run. The adrenaline rush is a temporary thing. Keeping the lessons in mind forever is a huge challenge!

I will not tell you to look at yourself in the mirror. You might not even be in a position to do so! You hate yourself, right? 

Let me tell you something blatantly straight on your face.

You think yourself worthless because nobody gives a shit about you. When others do not care about you even when you are crying alone in the dark, you feel you are garbage. 

Is it easy not to think this way?

No, it is absolutely not!

Can you change yourself?

Yes, you definitely can!

You may lack a few characteristics due to which the so-called society may only throw shit at you. You eat the shit and continue to feed yourself with the shit. What you need to do is to break out of the uncomfortable cycle of eating shit!

You cannot change the person measuring your worth, but you can change yourself. You may be bald or the ugliest person on Earth or maybe in the universe! 

If I take you to a lawn and show you a sweet, playful dog, you will cherish the sight of the dog playing in the lawn. However, if I take you to a drain near your house and show you how bad it is overflowing, you will not feel comfortable at all! This is exactly what happens when I show you your weaknesses. 

You forget about your strengths because you are extremely focussed on your weaknesses.

The moment you start looking at the abilities you possess, be it the ability to be kind, or the ability to write, or the ability to solve a mathematical sum quickly, you start smiling. 

You will always be disappointed with a tiny black dot on a fresh white sheet. Your tongue will always find the missing tooth. It is human nature. 

Our brains are astonishingly survival-oriented. For us, basic survival means to try to fit into society. When we are unable to fit into society, we become depressed.

What is the solution?

How to overcome depression and anxiety?

How to overcome depression and anxiety then? There is no hard and fast rule for solving this problem. First of all, this is not even a problem! This happens with every human being on the planet. However, a lot of people take it seriously enough to commit suicide.

When you fail to fit into a circle of influence created by damned society, create your own circle! If nobody believes in you, you believe in yourself.

1. What are you focusing on?

The first tip on how to overcome depression and anxiety is to focus on what you have rather than what you don't. Pat yourself when you play with your strengths or achieve something. Your achievements can be as tiny as ants. 

2. Why are you so reactive?

The second most important tip is to become proactive in nature and not reactive. Terrible things happen for you, not to you. If you want to know more about being proactive vs being reactive, click here.

3. Take positivity as an input.

The third tip is to plug in your earplugs and hear stuff that makes you bubbling with positivity. The rule is simple. The more positive you see and hear, the more positive you are. Whenever you are free, hear a motivational podcast or read a motivational blog. There is also plenty of good stuff available on the internet. Instagram or Facebook is not a curse but a blessing, only if you are aware of the right ways to use it. 

Congratulations! You are reading my blog right now which will help you overcome depression and anxiety. 

4. Create yourself.

You do not overcome depression and anxiety in one day. Rome was not built in a day. You may face a lot of rejections for reasons that are not entirely your fault. Some circumstances may hold you back. Some terrible incidents may happen that can break you. But let those incidents create you. Let those circumstances bring out the beast hiding in you. This is the fourth tip to overcome depression and anxiety. 

5. I love myself enough!

The fifth tip is to love yourself. If you cannot love yourself, how can you expect somebody else to love you! This starts with realizing how worthy you are love. Whether you are crippled or not, you are special. You can listen to Nick Vujicic talking about self-love and success. If you don't know who he is, google him out!

6. Why should others bother you?

The sixth tip is not to be swayed away by what others say. However, this is not to say that you should not give any heed to the opinions of other people. There are two types of criticism- constructive and deconstructive. You can also call them positive and negative criticism, respectively. The positive one being honest elevates you. The negative one jeopardizes you. 

7. Love being strong.

The seventh tip is to keep improving on your strengths. Many people would suggest you work on your weaknesses. Yes, it is vital to work on both. But when you are already mentally weak, start working on your strengths before you work on your weaknesses. I say this for the reason that working on something requires focus. I do not suggest you focus on your weaknesses. Hone your skills and skills will hone you. 

8. Failures are not the end of your story.

Oh yes, you have failed. You have failed in your exams. You have failed to meet your parent's expectations about you. You have failed to impress your crush. You have failed to make a good living. You have failed in so many things. Are you sure you have failed? If you are not aware of the true meaning of failure, you can refer to this article on how mistakes are good. Once you learn to distinguish between failures and mistakes, nobody can prevent you from being as happy as a five-year-old child! This is the eighth tip.

9. You are a different being.

The ninth and the last tip to overcome depression and anxiety is to comprehend that you do not fall among the 99 percent of the people. For obvious reasons, if you are a different person, society will not like you. When you swallow this truth pill, you come back to your senses. It is completely okay to be alone. Loneliness is haunting at first but rewarding in the end. People start admiring you when you break out of your shackles and start exploring life. I remember a quote from Winston Churchill. 

How to overcome depression and anxiety?

With this tip, I will end my article here. This article is not a one time read. Bookmark it and take it with yourself wherever you go. I am a teenager too. 

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Be inspired.


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